Safe Passages

Safe Passages

Safe Passages’ (SP) mission is to disrupt the cycle of poverty by engaging youth and families to build and drive a continuum of services that supports student success and community development. Safe Passages’ work is based on the premises that access to educational opportunities should not be dictated by race or socio-economic status, and that healthy and supported young people are better prepared to learn and succeed.

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Oakland Promise

Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career initiative seeking to reduce the devastating educational and health disparities by race, neighborhood, and income that limit opportunity for too many Oaklanders. Our goal is to dramatically increase college graduates from Oakland and ensure that all students have the expectation, skills, and resources to complete postsecondary education and be successful in the career of their choice.

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Mindful Life Project

Mindful Life Project logo

Mindful Life Project is a Bay Area nonprofit that supports the mental and emotional wellbeing of underserved students, teachers, school leaders, and families through our highly regarded mindfulness based social emotional learning school based programming. Our innovative and culturally relevant programming creates a strong foundation of well-being at the individual level which leads to healthy school cultures where all students feel safe,

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Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.

Jumpstart provides language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from underserved communities and promotes quality early learning for all, envisioning a day when every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. Jumpstart recruits and trains college student volunteers, known as Jumpstart Corps Members, to deliver its research-based, intentionally designed language and literacy curriculum to children from underserved communities across the country.

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Fresh Lifelines for Youth, Inc.

Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is a juvenile justice nonprofit with a mission to break the cycle of juvenile crime and incarceration through legal education, one-on-one mentoring, and leadership training for San Francisco Bay Area youth ages 11-24. Education is key to disrupting the pipeline to prison and puts kids on the path to a productive,

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The Envisioneers provides direct service to undeserved public middle schools where we support an expanded learning program. We educate, engage and support our scholars as they envision their possible futures. Our staff work during the day supporting teachers and then we transition into the after-school space. Here we work to ignite curiosity, expand learning, bring career pathway options,

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Aim High for High School

Since 1986, Aim High has served low-income, first-generation students throughout their middle school years during the critical summer months, helping to prevent learning loss and prepare students for the upcoming school year and the transition to high school. Our tuition-free and rigorous summer learning and enrichment program has prepared more than 15,000 low-income middle school students for high school,

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A Note from our Board Chair

With great sadness, we regret to inform you that the Board of Directors has decided to wind down and dissolve OnePercent for Education; and the organization has initiated the dissolution process. One of our primary goals was to galvanize members of the business community who had not participated or had not fully participated in social engagement. Another goal was to engage individuals and families in our work for educational equity.

We continue to believe that there are people who care deeply about the issue and that there are significant financial resources that can be generated to support this movement. Despite our efforts, OnePercent for Education was unsuccessful in generating enough funding to achieve financial sustainability at this difficult time.

Every decision made was through the lens of how we can best bring support for the kids who need it the most. This is the work that our Nonprofit Partners deliver every day and will continue to do. Our Board of Directors will individually continue to promote their efforts and encourage support of their work. As we wind down, we are distributing as much of our remaining assets as possible to our Nonprofit Partners. While each Nonprofit Partner has received modest funding, this is far less than we had hoped, given the importance of their activities.

We urge each of you to support our Nonprofit Partners in the fulfillment of their missions as it so deeply impacts the communities they serve.

Finally, we thank you for your support of OnePercent for Education.