Foundation Membership

How Does A Foundation Join?

Foundations pledge to donate one percent of appropriate funds annually to vetted Nonprofit Partners of OnePercent for Education. They agree to have their donated amounts verified annually. In exchange for their membership, foundations have the right to use the OnePercent for Education logo.

Foundations may make donations directly to one or more of our Nonprofit Partners.

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How It Works

While foundations are eager to participate, some may prefer not to field inquiries from our Nonprofit Partners. These members can utilize the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund. When enrolling, Foundation Members will indicate their preferences regarding how they want their funds disbursed. Foundations can designate geographical area, programmatic interest, age of recipients and more. Members choosing this option donate to the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund. Once funds are received, we will match donor preferences to the Nonprofit Partner(s) whose programs and services best meet your criteria.

Foundations may opt out of membership at any time but are prohibited from using the OnePercent for Education logo or mention of their affiliation once they are unaffiliated.

When Foundations Participate, they:

  • Join a trusted alliance of foundations engaged in enhancing the educational outcomes of our nation’s youth
  • Help to shape the future for nonprofit programming yielding measurable results in improved Educational Equity

  • Facilitate a better educated workforce
  • Are comforted in the knowledge that their donations are going to vetted organizations working toward educational equity

  • Enjoy the gratification that their foundation is contributing to a more equitable and vibrant nation

  • Cheerfully display the OnePercent for Education logo that demonstrates their commitment to our students

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