Members donate
OnePercent of income or net worth
to our Nonprofit Partners

Individual Membership

Individuals pledge to donate OnePercent of net worth or income to our Nonprofit Partners year-over-year. As an Individual Member, you always have complete control over where your donations go.

How It Works

We make donating easy:

• Choose one or more of our Nonprofit Partner(s) to receive your donation
• Not sure? Contact us and we’ll discuss how your donation can have the greatest impact
• Still not sure? Don’t worry. We’ll disburse the donations for you based on your profile and our unique Matching System

One of our core beliefs is that people like you want to do more. We heartily encourage you to get involved and volunteer with our Nonprofit Partners. Interested in volunteering? Contact us and we’ll connect you with opportunities.

When you sign up as an Individual Member, you:

Can delight in the satisfaction that you are doing something meaningful for your community by supporting organizations dedicated to enhancing educational outcomes.

Are comforted in the knowledge that your donations are going to vetted organizations working toward educational equity.

Enjoy the ability to use the logo that shows your commitment to our children.