Nonprofit Membership

How Does a Nonprofit Join?

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) designated organizations working in the field of education and related services for children and their families are eligible for membership and are required to complete the Nonprofit Member Application form prior to acceptance. Once accepted, nonprofits can contact our Business, Foundation and Individual Members who are accepting funding requests, directly for donations. They may be asked to utilize the OnePercent for Education Funding Request Application or another submission protocol by those whom they are soliciting.

How It Works

Nonprofits may also receive funds via the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund. Information provided on the Nonprofit Application will be entered into our searchable database in order to match donor preferences to nonprofit services provided.

Nonprofit membership eligibility is for five years and will be reviewed at the fifth anniversary to determine continued eligibility. There are no fees associated with nonprofit membership. We want to generate as much funding as possible for our valuable, educationally focused Nonprofit Members.

Nonprofit educational organizations eligible for membership include the following categories: Mentoring, Tutoring, Social-Emotional Learning, Early Childhood Learning, College Access, Scholarship Provider, Programs in the Arts and Humanities, Other Enrichment Programs, Outdoor and Sports Related, Family Engagement, Restorative Justice, Book and School Supply Provider, Technology Provider, Students with Special Needs Provider, Food Provider, Environmental Education, Mental Health Services, Student and Family Well-being, Summer Program, Non-college Job Training and After-school programs.