Nonprofit Partnership

How Does a Nonprofit Become a Partner?

Nonprofit Partner Eligibility

The overarching goal of OnePercent for Education is to ensure that all children receive the opportunities, resources and supports they need to reach their full potential. Our Nonprofit Partners are proven, equity-driven organizations that provide crucial programs and services to children, their families and caregivers and their schools. Their programs and services result in improved educational outcomes for all children, especially those living in historically marginalized communities and under-resourced communities. Federally recognized nonprofit organizations who meet OnePercent for Education’s strict criteria are eligible for Nonprofit Partner status.

Nonprofit Partner eligibility is for five years and will be reviewed at the fifth anniversary to determine continued eligibility. There are no fees associated with nonprofit partnership. We want to generate as much funding and support as possible for our trusted, educationally-focused Nonprofit Partners.

See Our Current Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit organizations eligible for partnership include those providing programs and services such as:

  • After School Academics & Enrichment
  • College and Career Access and Success
  • Early Childhood Education and Learning
  • Environmental Education
  • Family Engagement
  • Job Training
  • Mental Health Services
  • Mentoring
  • Music
  • Restorative Practices
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Special Needs Students
  • Student and Family Well-Being
  • Summer Programs
  • Tutoring

The Application Process

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) designated organizations working in the field of education and related services for children and their families are required to complete the Nonprofit Partner Application. OnePercent for Education staff will conduct a comprehensive review to determine suitability for Nonprofit Partnership. A nonprofit may be engaging in profoundly successful work, but may not fit within the criteria for OnePercent for Education partnership. Upon review, successful nonprofit applicants will be asked to sign our Nonprofit Partnership Agreement.

How It Works

Our Nonprofit Partners receive funds from our Business, Foundation and Individual Members. Information provided on the Nonprofit Partner Application will be entered into our searchable database in order to match donor preferences to Nonprofit Partner programs and services.

Nonprofit Partners certify receipt of donations and submit an annual report detailing the use of funds received.