New Board Member Agnes Pecjo on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Education

New Board Member Agnes Pecjo on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Education

Sharing here a recent post from Agnes Pecjo, CMA, CPA and one of our newest members of our Board of Directors:

I have always been passionate about Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, driving initiatives, championing women, diverse individuals and differently abled people. It is for this reason that I applied as a Board member for OnePercent for Education and last June, I was chosen to be part of the Board.

OnePercent for Education focuses on promoting a culture of participation. It aims to encourage individuals and organizations to contribute one percent of their annual income or resources, or a fixed amount towards educational programs and projects.

OnePercent for Education emphasizes the importance of collective action in improving education and believes that even a small contribution can make a significant impact. It highlights the idea that everyone has a role to play in creating a positive change in the education sector. We are driven by the belief that education is a fundamental right and that it plays a crucial role in shaping a better future for individuals and society as a whole. We encourage various forms of participation, including financial donations, volunteer work, and advocacy efforts. We also highlight success stories and showcase the transformative power of collective action in education. Our website provides resources and tools to help individuals and organizations get started and make a meaningful impact.

Overall, OnePercent for Education promotes a culture of participation in education and encourages individuals and organizations to contribute towards improving education. We also serve as a platform to raise awareness, provide resources, and share success stories, ultimately aiming to create a positive and lasting impact on the education sector.