Aim High for High School

Since 1986, Aim High has served low-income, first-generation students throughout their middle school years during the critical summer months, helping to prevent learning loss and prepare students for the upcoming school year and the transition to high school. Our tuition-free and rigorous summer learning and enrichment program has prepared more than 15,000 low-income middle school students for high school, college and career success.

Age Groups Served
  • Middle School
Geographical Area Served
  • City of East Palo Alto
  • City of Napa
  • City of Oakland
  • City of Redwood City
  • City of Richmond
  • City of San Francisco
  • City of San Rafael
  • County Alameda
  • County Marin
  • County Napa
  • County San Francisco
  • County San Mateo
  • State of California
Services Offered
  • Academic Support
  • Out-of-Classroom Experiences
  • Summer programs
Aim High strives to put our CORE values into practice everyday: Community, Opportunity, Respect, and High Expectations. These values capture a distinctive philosophy about education that influences our teachers, students, parents and community.
Aim High uses the following short, intermediate and long-term metrics to measure our successes and drive continuous program improvement: SHORT-TERM STUDENT OUTCOMES High student engagement: 70% retention, 90% average daily attendance. Increased confidence and self-efficacy: 90% of students will say they feel more confident about their schoolwork. 80% of students will improve their math abilities (pre- and post-assessment). Increased sense of community belonging and healthy relationships: 90% of students will say they made new friends at Aim High. 90% of students will say an adult at Aim High really cares about them. Heightened social and emotional skills: 90% of students will say that Aim High helped them learn how to work with their peers. 90% of students will say they have a more positive attitude about learning because of Aim High. Better prepared for college and career: 90% of students will say that Aim High helped me understand the relationship between college and career options. 90% of students will say they know what classes are required to take in high school to be eligible for a four-year college. INTERMEDIATE STUDENT OUTCOMES 85% attend school regularly. 95% of students will stay out of trouble in school. 80% of students will enroll in grade-level, college-prep math and English courses. LONG-TERM STUDENT OUTCOMES 90% of students will graduate from high school on time. 90% of students will apply to college (two- or four-year). 85% of students will matriculate to college. Evaluation: We measure our progress against the above outcomes using: Pre- and post-assessments End-of-summer surveys of students, parents, and teaching staff Mid-year follow-up surveys of students and parents An alumni survey Demographic data 9th and 10th grade course placement in math and language arts. We use a dashboard containing 15 metrics to assess the health of our summer campuses and objectively determine if they boost student outcomes. All of our data is used to drive continuous program improvement. Aim High prides itself on its data-driven and organizational learning culture. Our program makes a lasting impact on the students we serve. Each summer, Aim High participants show significant improvement in their math, science and writing skills and overwhelmingly report feeling more prepared for the school year ahead. 91% of our alumni have maintained or improved their GPA since graduating from Aim High and 78% of alumni passed grade level English and math in their first semester of high school. And our alumni graduate high school and enroll in college at rates much higher than their low-income peers. 98% of our alumni graduate from high school on-time and enroll in college, compared to 52% of low-income students nationally.

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