ParentChild+ is the missing piece to the continuum of support, addressing the gap in services for 2-3-year-olds, uniquely working with parent/child together to model reading, conversation and play- the building blocks for school rediness. An international, research-based program with 40+ years’ experience, working with 8k+ families annually in 15 states/6 countries, the program provides intensive home visiting to families challenged by poverty, low levels of education, language/literacy barriers and other obstacles to child development, as well as educational and economic success.

Age Groups Served
  • 0-3
  • 3-5
  • Parent and Caregiver Engagement
Geographical Area Served
  • City of San Jose
  • County Santa Clara
  • State of California
Services Offered
  • Academic Support
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Family Engagement
  • Mentoring
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Student and Family well-being
In the 1960s, educational psychologist Dr. Levenstein developed a program to reduce High School dropouts. Based on building early parent-child interaction supporting language/literacy and social-emotional skills, she worked with families when children were 2 and 3 years old. The model took a revolutionary approach: reaching families at home, before children entered school, addressing 4 issues: 1. Fostering the parent-child bond 2. Facilitating parent-child interaction through reading/conversation/play at home 3. Building supportive, learning-rich home environments 4. Supporting the child’s social-emotional skills ParenChild+ has reached 70k+ families since 1979. Research shows that participants: • Have a 30% higher graduation rate • Are 50% more likely to be prepared for Kindergarten • Enter school performing 10 mos above their chronological age • Score 2xs higher on social-emotional skills • Are 50% less likely to need Special Ed services by grade 3 • Outperform the statewide avg on 3rd grade math achievement tests
We have the ambitious goal of increasing our number of families served in the Bay Area by 100 each year for the next 10 years. 80% of our families will complete at least 85% of the visits offered, receiving 23 new books/toys. This data will be recorded in our Management Information System. Early Learning Specialist's (Home Visitors) will complete several assessments for each family. The Child Behavior Traits Scale (CBT) will be conducted at the beginning, middle and graduation from the program. By the end of the program, 75% of children who have completed the program will show increased social-emotional skills, cognitive development and school readiness. ELS’s will also be doing PICCOLOs (Parenting Interactions with Children: Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes) with families. By the end of each program year, 75% of families will have improved scores. In addition, 90% of children will be given an ASQ3/SE to screen for developmental disabilities (and referred to appropriate sources if necessary). All ELS’s will be assessed using the HOVRS (Home Visitors Rating Scale) for continuous quality improvement.

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