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We Care Services for Children was founded 60 years ago in Contra Costa County by parents of young children with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Over time and in response to community need, we added mental health programs for children with social, emotional, and behavioral issues, and a preschool for typically developing children from low-income families that includes at-risk children with a history of preschool expulsions. Today, we address the unique mental health, developmental, and educational needs of disadvantaged children up to age 5 through an array of effective, research-based therapies. Embedded in our programs are developmentally, linguistically, and culturally appropriate activities to provide each child with the best possible start to his or her life. Through targeted, compassionate, and effective early intervention services, We Care helps the most vulnerable children in our community reach their full potential, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.

Age Groups Served
  • 0-3
  • 3-5
  • Parent and Caregiver Engagement
Geographical Area Served
  • County Contra Costa
Services Offered
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Family Engagement
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Special Needs Students
  • Student and Family well-being
*Provide programs that are flexible, accessible, and responsive to each family, while meeting the needs of the child. *Offer a range of choices based on collaboration between parents and professionals. *Respect and accommodate each family's individual feelings, uniqueness, culture, values and needs. *To assess the consumers and families we serve and to use their feedback to be the primary gauge of whether or not we are fulfilling our mission. *To develop, when it is feasible, new programs and services in response to our consumers and families needs. *To form collaborative relationships with our community partners. *To advocate on behalf of the children and families we serve at state and local levels. *To recognize that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees is a key factor in achieving our success. *To acknowledge that our employees are valued assets of our agency, and we will strive to achieve an organizational structure and culture that promotes employee involvement, open communication, teamwork and cooperation.
Due to the breadth of programming that We Care offers, our clinicians utilize multiple evaluation instruments to understand the efficacy of our work. Each tracks ways in which children and families move from positions of risk and disability to healthy developmental arcs. We use the CBCL to measure the impact of therapeutic interventions on trauma and the Child/parent relationships, the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths instrument to measure psychological and developmental growth, and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire to identify improvements in developmental delays. We measure “mainstreaming” rates to understand the long-term success of our school-readiness efforts.

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