Youth Transforming Justice

Youth Transforming Justice (YTJ) goals are to keep students in school and out of the Juvenile Justice system. We accomplish this by deploying several strategies. 1) The Marin County Youth Court uses restorative trauma-informed protocols to divert juvenile prosecution. The successful complication of the program removes the citation’s record. 2) We support schools in lowering suspension rates by training staff and students in the practice of restorative trauma-informed Alternatives to Suspension. 3) We provide Drug & Alcohol Safety Skills Harm Reduction Training for youth and parents 4) We help schools develop restorative trauma-informed school cultures. 4) We provide training and consultation on how to replicate YTJ programs for organizations throughout the United States.

Age Groups Served
  • 3-5
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Post High School
  • Parent and Caregiver Engagement
Geographical Area Served
  • City of Mill Valley
  • City of Novato
  • City of San Rafael
  • City of Twin Cities
  • County Marin
  • County San Francisco
  • County San Mateo
  • County Sonoma
  • State of California
  • State of Indiana
  • State of West Virginia
Services Offered
  • Academic Support
  • Drug & Alcohol Safety Skills Harm Reduction Training for youth and parents
  • Family Engagement
  • Mental Health Services
  • Mentoring
  • Out-of-Classroom Experiences
  • Restorative Practices
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Special Needs Students
  • Student and Family well-being
  • Summer programs
Youth Transforming Justice and the programs we offer are committed to meaningful youth involvement and engaging young people in authentic adult-youth partnerships. This is a commitment we make to the youth leaders and volunteers participating in our programs, as well as the students that have found themselves in trouble. This authentic adult-youth partnership is based on mutual respect, valuing youth agency and voice, and our belief in the effectiveness of shared decision making and self-determination. At YTJ we also realize that our programs are imperfect. We acknowledge the need to learn and evolve continuously through challenging ourselves to identify our own blind spots and always center the voices of youth and the communities they come from.
We have several metrics to measure success. Youth Court: 1) success rate of program compilation and 2) rate of recidivism after successful compilation of the program. Alternatives to Suspension: Our particular focus is on lowering suspension rates of students of color. 1) tracking suspension rates and comparing them to past rates by race, 2) tracking the rate of freshmen of color who go on to graduate from high school. Drug & Alcohol Safety Skills Harm Reduction Training: 1) pre and post-surveys. Restorative School Culture: 1) tracking the changes in the California Healthy Kids Serves in regards to School Culture by race and 2) suspension and expulsion rates by race and 3) graduation rates by race.

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