Academic Support

Academic Support

Although the high school graduation rate for Bay Area students is at 85%, only 59% of all Bay Area high school graduates met UC/CSU entrance requirements. The data reveal stark, harmful disparities when disaggregated by race and ethnicity. For more details on the data, review our Bay Area Education Data Snapshot report.

We must do better by our children and youth living in historically marginalized communities and under-resourced communities, as well as our English language learners and differently abled students, and the great news is we CAN do better. Our Nonprofit Partners are actively improving educational and life outcomes for Bay Area children and youth. They need more resources to meet demand for their programs and services. That’s where OnePercent for Education Pledging Members come in and why growing our Culture of Participation is so important!

Our Nonprofit Partners provide academic support that encompasses a broad array of educational support strategies, including tutoring sessions, supplemental courses, summer learning experiences, after-school programs, volunteer mentors, and much more, as well as alternative ways of grouping, counseling, and instructing students.

Click on any of our Nonprofit Partner logos below to learn how they are providing academic support to children and youth in their communities.

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