Greg Knell

Greg Knell

Greg Knell is the owner of Marin-based print and mail company, Breakpoint. He recently won his 5th election as a school board member, now serving as a Trustee of the Marin County Board of Education representing North San Rafael, Lucas Valley, and Santa Venetia, after 17 years on the San Rafael City Schools Board of Education. As a San Rafael City Schools Board member, he won the Marin County award as School Trustee of the Year.

Greg is also the Co-Chair of the Marin County Commission RxSafe Marin. There he has won national awards for poster design and innovative solutions to the Opioid Epidemic. Since achieving a 60% drop in opioid prescriptions, the commission is rebranding as ODFree Marin to combat the new threat to our children, Fentanyl, and Methamphetamine overdoses.

Greg brings a wealth of experience in life from serving as a McCarthy for President floor leader at the 1968 Democratic Convention and an Administrative Aide to Congressman John Conyers working with Rosa Parks, to bringing no-cost Paramedic Services to San Rafael residents as Chair of the Committee for Paramedic Services and serving as a member of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission in Oklahoma where his wife’s American Indian/black extended family members live.

Greg has a law degree from University of California Los Angeles law and was student body president at University of California Santa Barbara for his undergraduate degree. He is a father of two mixed-race children with his wife, who is serving her 28th year as a Counselor at Terra Linda High School. His commitment to educational equity is both deeply personal and also informed by his vast experience on the front lines of social change work. Greg cheers on the 49ers and can be spotted out on tour playing the electric bass.