Bay Area Education Data Snapshot

We developed the Bay Area Education Data Snapshot in collaboration with the expert research team at Children Now in order to establish a regional baseline for critical educational equity indicators from the 2023 California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being. In bringing the aggregated data together with the complete data reports for each Bay Area County (over 40 indicators spanning Health, Education and Child Welfare), we offer the report as a useful and accessible tool to raise awareness of key levers for engagement for all who care about and work with and for Bay Area children and youth.

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For Immediate Release:

May 22, 2023

Bay Area Education Data Snapshot

OnePercent for Education, in collaboration with Children Now, is proud to announce the release of the Bay Area Education Data Snapshot. This critical and timely report aggregates a dozen key indicators on student success and educational outcomes for the nine Bay Area counties. “The data reveal a stark picture. From early childhood to young adulthood, we must do more as a region to support the educational success of our children, especially our Black and Brown kids. Every child can succeed, but structural inequities create significant opportunity gaps for too many. We hope this report helps Bay Area communities in their work to find solutions that give every child the education they deserve,” said Kelly Hardy, Senior Managing Director of Health and Research at Children Now.

The report features data relevant for all those working with and for children and youth throughout the region. Metrics span issues such as food security, 3rd grade English language arts standards, 8th grade math standards, student suspensions for disruption or defiance, teacher qualification and more. The report also features robust documentation for those interested in accessing and investigating source data utilized for the aggregated numbers.

“The data must drive action and enable us to hold the line for accountability to our children and youth. The Bay Area Education Data Snapshot frames a moment in time and establishes a critical baseline from which we must progress forward together as a region because we all have a stake in education,” said Carolyn Placente, Executive Director at OnePercent for Education.

The report presents the latest key metrics available and outlines a new landscape for Bay Area children and youth, just over three years since the COVID shutdowns transformed education. “As we contend with the impacts, the losses and the learnings from the pandemic, we must ask ourselves how are we meeting our obligations to our students,” said Bob Rosenberg, Founder and Board Chair for OnePercent for Education.

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Children Now is on a mission to build power for kids. The non-partisan organization conducts research, policy development, and advocacy reflecting a whole-child approach to improve the lives of kids, especially kids of color and kids living in poverty, from prenatal through age 26. Children Now also coordinates The Children’s Movement of California®, a dynamic network of more than 5,000 direct service, business, parent, student, civil rights, faith, and community groups from across the state who care about kids and want to see public policies that support their best interests. Learn more at

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