Are donations to OnePercent for Education tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. (Please consult your tax advisor.) OnePercent for Education is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Our EIN: 47-4623112.

How is OnePercent for Education funded?

We actively invite one-time or recurring contributions and routinely seek grants from institutional funders. Our primary source of funding is the generosity of individual and family donors who make unrestricted charitable contributions to support our functional expenses. We also require a minimum unrestricted donation of 5 cents and a maximum restricted donation of 95 cents on every pledge fulfillment dollar. We allocate the unrestricted Member Donation to our General Fund and put the contribution to use where it’s needed most.

As a Nonprofit Partner, how often will we receive OnePercent for Education Member-Advised grants and what reporting is required?

OnePercent for Education Nonprofit Partners in good standing are eligible for grants. When our Members make donations in fulfillment of their pledges, they either:

  1. Advise us as to which Partner(s) they wish to receive a grant; or
  2. Request that we use their Member Profile to match them with the Partner(s) that best meet(s) their philanthropic preferences.

Regardless of the option they choose, when a Member makes a donation in fulfillment of their pledge, we issue grants via checks disbursed to our Partners as soon as possible, typically within 1 week, but not more than 30 days days after we process the Member donation.

Pledges can be fulfilled and resulting grants can be made anytime throughout the year. Members are required to fulfill their annual pledges no later than 90 days after the close of their tax year.

Our Nonprofit Partners are required to report to us annually, within 90 days of the close of their fiscal year, on the use and impact of all grants received.

How does the grant program work and can Nonprofit Partners apply for multi-year grants?

Our commitment to our Nonprofit Partners is: once you’re in you’re in; we trust you to put grant dollars where they’re needed most.

Once fully vetted and admitted into our Cohort, our Nonprofit Partners need not submit any further applications — no LOI’s (letters of inquiry) nor time-consuming, written grant proposals.

We do require our Nonprofit Partners to re-certify they meet our 28 Quality Standards every 5 years.

Due to the nature of our grantmaking program — our grants come without restrictions to our Nonprofit Partners and are driven by annual donations from our Pledging Members — we neither solicit nor accept applications for multi-year grant-funded projects.

How often can Pledging Members update their preferences and change their profile?

Pledging Members in good standing may update their preferences and make changes to their profile anytime online by logging in to the Members-Only section of our website. We also invite our Members to submit changes via email or phone or — our favorite — during a one-to-one virtual or in-person connect.


How do Pledging Members choose which Nonprofit Partner(s) to recommend for a grant?

All of our Members have options when fulfilling their annual pledges:

  1. Our Nonprofit Partners in good standing are featured on our website alongside a searchable database. We encourage our Members to login for access to our full Nonprofit Partner Profiles, which they can review at their leisure. We invite Members to advise us as to the Partner(s) they wish to support.
  2. We’re always delighted to connect with our Members to discuss their philanthropic preferences, answer questions and advise on which Partners best meet their criteria.
  3. Our Members have the additional option of simply fulfilling their pledge. Our team will do the rest. We determine the Nonprofit Partner(s) that best match the Member’s profile while also accounting for equity and data-driven factors in our grantmaking.

Across all options, we make it easy for our Members to make informed choices and give with confidence to create positive change.

Members fulfill their pledges through our online donation portal, via check to us, stock transfer or other accepted contribution modality as specified on our donate page.

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