Where Donations Go

Your donations go to accredited Nonprofit Members that have been thoroughly vetted by OnePercent for Education. No matter which of our trusted Nonprofit Members you choose to fund, you can feel secure that your dollars will be effectively utilized to further our collective mission to measurably improve educational outcomes.

OnePercent for Education Nonprofit Members provide crucial supports in these key areas:

  • Early Childhood Learning/Parental Involvement
  • Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health
  • Non-classroom Experiences/Activities
  • Academic Support
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Colleag and Career Access/Support

The great idea behind OnePercent for Education is that you get to decide where your money goes. Whether you contribute directly to nonprofits or through the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund, you will have the comfort in knowing that your donation will be put to great use in enhancing education for our deserving kids.