How it Works

Facilitating the delivery of funds from Business, Foundation and Individual Members to accredited Nonprofit Members of OnePercent for Education is what we do and we’re working diligently to make the process uncomplicated.

If you are a Business, Foundation or Individual Member

As a Business, Foundation or Individual Member you always have total choice of which of our accredited Nonprofit Members you wish to support. There are several methods for making this happen:

1. Send your donation directly to the Nonprofit Member(s) of your choice. As a donor, you can access our database to determine which of our Nonprofit Members best meet your donation criteria.

2. If you are not quite sure, give us a call and we can provide more information about your donation. Once you know more about the Nonprofit Member(s) who meet your criteria, you can then send your donations directly to the recipient(s).

3. On your Membership Application form, we asked you questions about your funding preferences. We’ve also obtained information about the services provided by our Nonprofit Members. Anticipating that not all Donor Members are sure about where you want to send your donation or just don’t have the time to choose, we’ve created a painless method for getting your funds to the organization that best matches your criteria. If you fit into this category, simply send your donation to the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund. We will pair your stated preferences with the best possible Nonprofit Member match(es) and disperse your funds for you.

4. We’ve also asked you if you are open to receiving funding requests from our Nonprofit Members. If you answered affirmatively, you may be asked by Nonprofit Members for your support. You get to determine how you wish to be contacted, whether by using the OnePercent for Education Grant Application, by one of your own or by another method of your choosing.

In every case, you get to choose, either by sending donations directly to Nonprofit Members or through the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund based on your stated preferences. Recipient nonprofits will complete an annual report detailing the use of funds received directly from members or the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund.

If you are a Nonprofit Member

1. As an accredited Nonprofit Member, you may receive donations directly from Business, Foundation or Individual Members or through the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund based on the best match of the services that you provide with their funding preferences.
2. You are encouraged to apply to Businesses, Foundations and Individuals who have expressed a willingness to receive funding requests. Our robust database can help in determining which Members to approach.