Culture of Participation

We’re creating more than a funding source for educational nonprofits. We’re creating a movement. People like you care about how our children are doing educationally, social-emotionally and culturally. We want all our kids to do well, to be able to fully participate in our economy, and in our communities.

OnePercent for Education is delighted to encourage a Culture of Participation among its many Business, Foundation, Individual Members and community partners.

Secure in our collective beliefs that all children deserve a world-class education regardless of economic situation, we are committed to making this a reality. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which we can participate toward that end.

Businesses, because of their omnipresence can provide a potent platform for promoting participation. While business financial support is at the core of OnePercent for Education, there are additional avenues of involvement. A powerful message to employees is delivered whenever they encourage paid time during the workday to volunteer. Given these opportunities, employees demonstrate increased levels of loyalty to both company and co-workers. People want to work for businesses that reflect their values of caring and commitment.

Foundations have long been involved in the educational sphere. By becoming OnePercent for Education members, their involvement can help direct focus to specific program areas within the nonprofit umbrella. A cohort of Foundation Members can combine to fund our areas of greatest need, thus affecting even more of our students.

Every individual plays multiple societal roles that can include consumer, advocate, employee, donor, and volunteer. Our vision suggests that individuals can make a difference in a variety of ways that improve the educational outcomes of our children. You are encouraged to become a OnePercent for Education donating Member. Whether you become a Member or perhaps donate toward our operations, you can inspire others to join the movement. You can urge businesses where you shop to join. You can suggest that your employer should consider membership and you can help spread the word via social media.

Our educationally related nonprofits are having significant impact on the lives of many of our most disadvantaged children. However, none of them are content with their achievements. There are always more students that need tutors and mentors, a caring adult upon whom they can rely. Sadly, there are large numbers of our children suffering from adverse childhood experiences. Our nonprofits support children in ways that our schools cannot and need to be better funded in order to fulfill their missions.

We believe that improving educational outcomes for all our children will lead to a more equitable society, a stronger, more capable workforce that will help to reduce the unacceptable level of poverty that plagues our country. Join our Culture of Participation.