Culture of Participation

We’re creating more than a funding source for our Nonprofit Partners. We’re creating a movement. People like you care about how our children are doing educationally and social-emotionally. We want all our kids to do well, to experience belonging, to have access to the opportunities and resources they need to discover and realize their full potential, and to be able to fully participate in our economy and our communities.

OnePercent for Education is delighted to encourage a Culture of Participation among its many Business, Foundation, Individual Members and Nonprofit Partners.

Join our Culture of Participation

Secure in our shared beliefs that all children deserve a world-class education, we are committed to making this a reality. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which we can all participate.

Businesses can provide a potent platform for promoting participation. While Business Members’ financial support is at the core of OnePercent for Education, there are additional avenues of involvement. A powerful message to employees is delivered whenever they enjoy paid time during the workday to volunteer for our Nonprofit Partners. Given these opportunities, employees demonstrate increased levels of loyalty to both company and co-workers. People want to work for businesses that reflect their values.

Foundations have long been involved in strengthening education. By becoming OnePercent for Education Members, their involvement can direct focus to specific program areas with the potential for transformative impact. A cohort of Foundation Members can combine to fund our areas of greatest opportunities, leveraging their collective power to move the needle on educational equity.

Individuals play multiple societal roles that can include consumer, advocate, employee, donor, volunteer and more. Each of us can make a difference in a variety of ways that improve access to opportunities and educational outcomes for our children. We encourage you to become a OnePercent for Education Member and pledge one percent to our Nonprofit Partners and/or donate to our general fund. When you participate, you inspire others to join the movement. Urge businesses where you shop to join. Encourage your employer to consider membership and spread the word via social media.

Our educationally-focused Nonprofit Partners significantly impact the lives of so many, yet there is much more to be done to make educational equity a reality. Our Nonprofit Partners support children, their families and caregivers and their schools and communities in vital ways and need more funding to expand and sustain their impact.

We believe that improving access to opportunities and educational outcomes for all children will lead to a more equitable society and a stronger, more capable workforce that will help lead our nation into a vibrant future.

Join our Culture of Participation