Culture of Participation

We’re creating more than a funding source for our Nonprofit Partners. We’re creating a movement. People like you care about how our children and youth are doing educationally and social-emotionally. We want them to do well, to experience belonging, to have access to the opportunities and resources they need to discover and realize their full potential, live their best lives, and participate fully in our economy and our communities.

We’re building a Culture of Participation among our Pledging Members, Nonprofit Partners and our broader community of stakeholders. We leverage the power of partnership and the power of OnePercent to provide accessible pathways for all to give within their means to improve access to opportunities and educational outcomes for children and youth from cradle to career. Together, we’re advancing equity in education and in philanthropy. Join us today.

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Why Pledge OnePercent for Education?

Our Nonprofit Partners positively impact children and youth, their families and caregivers and their schools and communities in vital ways. They are actively shrinking opportunities and achievement gaps every day, yet there is much more to be done to make educational equity a reality. That’s why we’re building a movement, a Culture of Participation to channel more resources to our Nonprofit Partners so they can sustain and expand their impact.

We believe that all children deserve a world-class education and inequities in educational opportunities harm us all, especially the children and youth, families and communities most disproportionally impacted. Together we can do better!

Want to learn more about educational equity in our region? Check out our Bay Area Education Data Snapshot. In it you’ll find easy-to-read charts and links to more information and key data sources.

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We’ll put your gift to use where it’s needed most to facilitate educational opportunities and improve educational outcomes for all Bay Area children and youth.

Join our Culture of Participation

Businesses, Foundations, Individuals and Families can all do our part. Here’s how:

Businesses play a powerful role in promoting our Culture of Participation. While financial support from Business Members is at the core of OnePercent for Education, there are additional avenues of involvement. Employees receive a powerful message whenever they enjoy paid time during the workday to volunteer for our Nonprofit Partners. Given these opportunities, employees demonstrate increased levels of loyalty to both company and co-workers. People want to work for businesses that reflect their values. Consumers also want to support businesses that give back to their communities. Sign-up your business today.

Foundations have long been leaders in improving educational and life outcomes and reducing disparities in under-resourced and historically marginalized communities. By becoming OnePercent for Education Members, private and public foundations direct focus to specific program areas with the potential for transformative impact. A cohort of Foundation Members can combine to fund our areas of greatest opportunities, leveraging their collective power to move the needle on educational equity. Sign-up your Foundation today.

Individuals and Families play integral roles in our Culture of Participation through their multiple societal roles that can include consumer, advocate, employee, donor, volunteer, entrepreneur, leader and more. We can all make a difference in a variety of ways. Sign up as a Pledging Member today. When you participate, you inspire others to join our movement. Urge businesses where you shop to join. Encourage your employer to sign up. Volunteer for one or more of our Nonprofit Partners. Connect and share with us on Facebook, LinkedInInstagram & Twitter.

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A Note from our Board Chair

With great sadness, we regret to inform you that the Board of Directors has decided to wind down and dissolve OnePercent for Education; and the organization has initiated the dissolution process. One of our primary goals was to galvanize members of the business community who had not participated or had not fully participated in social engagement. Another goal was to engage individuals and families in our work for educational equity.

We continue to believe that there are people who care deeply about the issue and that there are significant financial resources that can be generated to support this movement. Despite our efforts, OnePercent for Education was unsuccessful in generating enough funding to achieve financial sustainability at this difficult time.

Every decision made was through the lens of how we can best bring support for the kids who need it the most. This is the work that our Nonprofit Partners deliver every day and will continue to do. Our Board of Directors will individually continue to promote their efforts and encourage support of their work. As we wind down, we are distributing as much of our remaining assets as possible to our Nonprofit Partners. While each Nonprofit Partner has received modest funding, this is far less than we had hoped, given the importance of their activities.

We urge each of you to support our Nonprofit Partners in the fulfillment of their missions as it so deeply impacts the communities they serve.

Finally, we thank you for your support of OnePercent for Education.