Business Members

How Does A Business Join?

Business Members pledge to donate OnePercent of an appropriate source annually. For some businesses that means OnePercent of sales and for others OnePercent of a product line or corporate division. Pledging Business Members enjoy the right to use the OnePercent for Education logo as a way to communicate their commitment to educational equity.

Not ready to designate a specific pledge source? That’s ok. Your business can pledge a specific dollar amount. We know that in the current market margins run thin, so we allow for complete flexibility in pledges. What’s important is that when you become a Pledging Member your business is engaged in support of educational equity.

We make it easy to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. We’ve done the heavy lifting to build a sound portfolio of cradle-to-career approaches across six focus areas to advance educational equity throughout the Bay Area. You can give with confidence knowing that all of our Nonprofit Partners adhere to our Standards of Excellence.

No business is too large or too small to make a positive impact for our Nonprofit Partners and the children and families they serve. Signing up is simple and quick. Pledge today and donate later!

How It Works

Business Members can choose one or more of our 30 Nonprofit Partners providing programs and services in all 9 Bay Area Counties as recipients of their donations. Not sure? OnePercent for Education experts are available to advise Business Members. We provide as much support in grant-making as our Business Members require.

When you sign up as a Business Member, you create a profile indicating your company’s preferences regarding how funds should be disbursed.  Businesses can designate geographical areas, programmatic interests, age of recipients and more. Based on these preferences, we will match Business Member donations with the Nonprofit Partner(s) who best meet the criteria.

Pledging Business Members enjoy access to opportunities for deeper engagement through our volunteer dashboard and expanded information about our Nonprofit Partners and their positive impact. Business Members can also count the time given to employees to volunteer during working hours for up to 1/3 of their annual pledge.

When Businesses Participate, they:

  • Facilitate educational opportunities today for the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Build customer and employee loyalty by demonstrating their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Save valuable staff time in evaluating eligible grant recipients and impacts of funded programs and services.
  • Strengthen the movement for educational equity through display of the OnePercent for Education logo.