Business Membership

How Does A Business Join?

Business Members pledge to donate one percent of an appropriate figure annually. For some businesses, that means one percent of sales, for others one percent of profit, and for others one percent of a product line or corporate division. What’s important is that your business is engaged in the support of education. Young businesses may be in a stage of development that makes giving difficult, knowing that their donations over time will increase. We’re happy to work with you to establish a comfort level about which you feel great!

Businesses may make donations directly to one or more nonprofit members. While some businesses are eager to participate, they may either not have the staff time, interest or ability to select the recipients of their donations. Businesses are encouraged to ask OnePercent for Education for advice regarding their donations.

How It Works

An alternative is to take advantage of the OnePercent for Education Achievement Fund for businesses who want a bit more assistance. Business Members when enrolled, will indicate their preferences regarding how they want their funds disbursed. Businesses can designate geographical area, programmatic interest, age of recipients and more. Members choosing this option write a check to the OnePercent for Education Achievement. Once funds are received, our Achievement Fund database will match donor preferences to the nonprofit(s) whose services are the best match. Additionally, businesses will be allowed to count the time given to employees to volunteer during working hours for up to 1/3 of their annual commitment.

Businesses are assessed a 3% membership fee based on their donation. Licensees may include their membership fees as part of their donation. They may opt out of membership at any time but are prohibited from using the OnePercent for Education logo or mention of their affiliation once they are unaffiliated.

When Businesses Participate, They:

  • Develop more loyal employees
  • Encourage more loyal customers
  • Facilitate a better educated workforce
  • Enjoy the gratification that their business is contributing to a healthier, more vibrant nation.
  • Cheerfully display the OnePercent for Education logo that demonstrates their commitment to our students.