Connecting Businesses, Foundations and Individuals in financial support of OnePercent for Education accredited nonprofits

A child’s educational achievement should not be dependent upon their ZIP code.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their educational potential.

OnePercent for Education exists to help them get there — And you can help!

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OnePercent for Education Nonprofit Members provide crucial supports in these key areas:

Early Childhood Learning & Parental Involvement

Early Childhood Learning &
Parental Involvement
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Non Classroom Experiences & Activities

Non Classroom Experiences &
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Early Childhood Learning & Parental Involvement

Social Emotional Learning &
Mental Health
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Non Classroom Experiences & Activities

Juvenile Justice

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Non Classroom Experiences & Activities

Academic Support

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Non Classroom Experiences & Activities

College and Career
Access and Support
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Even our best public schools cannot solve the problem on their own. They need the partnerships provided by data-driven, proven, educationally focused nonprofits.

These life changing organizations could help more children and their families if they had greater funding and volunteer support.

The Role of OnePercent for Education:

We identify and carefully evaluate organizations worthy of public support and approve a select group as OnePercent for Education Nonprofit Members.

Businesses, foundations and individuals join our movement as members who will pledge 1% of an appropriate amount annually in direct support of our Nonprofit Members.

We make it easy for our Donor Members to participate and they always have total control of where their dollars go.

JOIN the Movement for our Kids

By joining the Movement, you demonstrate your commitment to educational equity and connect with those who share your passion for the success of all of our kids.

Our Nonprofit Members

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OnePercent for Education engages businesses to support organizations that assist children educationally…
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Foundations pledge to donate one percent of appropriate funds annually to vetted nonprofit members.
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All members can designate geographical area, programmatic interest, age of recipients and more…
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Join as a Nonprofit
Our Nonprofit Members are trusted, results driven organizations that impact our most disadvantaged kids…
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Why OnePercent for Education?

  • Educationally focused nonprofits with measurable results are underfunded.
  • Many students are subject to stressors that impact healthy brain development, leaving them unprepared to focus on academics.
  • Students experiencing multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) are more likely to fare poorly in school, leading to dropping out and being unprepared for a career.
  • Dynamic nonprofits augment student success in many ways including providing tutors, mentors, after-school activities, family supports, restorative justice, programs in the arts and more.
  • Students receiving these services tend to stay in school, graduate and pursue further educational options that provide enhanced employment and career opportunities.