Mission and Vision


OnePercent for Education facilitates financial support for trusted, educationally-focused nonprofits working toward educational equity through partnerships with businesses, foundations and individuals.


We envision communities where every child is provided the educational and life opportunities to reach for their potential.

Values Statements

Learning: We believe that all children deserve to have exceptional learning opportunities to help them thrive.

Human Potential: We value the vast potential of growth for our youth and the communities we serve.

Opportunity: We are committed to providing resources and opportunities for low-income youth to achieve educational equity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At OnePercent for Education, diversity, equity and inclusion are essential pillars of our mission. We partner with businesses, individuals, foundations and educational nonprofits, to address the inequities in educational opportunities for historically marginalized populations. We facilitate financial support to nonprofits who serve diverse communities to help create a more equitable and inclusive society.