Mission & Vision

At OnePercent for Education we are driven by core principles that inform all aspects of our work. Scroll down for our mission, vision, values, approach and diversity, equity and inclusion statements. Aligned with our core principles and ready to support our work?

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Our Mission

OnePercent for Education facilitates support for proven, educationally-focused nonprofits working toward equity through partnerships with businesses, foundations, and individuals.

Our Vision

We envision communities where all children receive the opportunities, supports and resources they need to discover and realize their full potential.

Our Values

Education: We value education as fundamental to a thriving democracy and as an essential tool for advancing social equity.

Equity: We value equity as the vehicle for effectively addressing the reality that people are not equally situated in our society.

Human Potential: We value the vast potential of all children and all communities.

Giving: We value the capacity of businesses, foundations and individuals to give according to their means for the benefit of all.

Accountability: We value accountability as the means by which we define success.

Our Approach

Targeted Universalism: We work to benefit all children by embracing universal goals and focusing on benefits to historically marginalized communities and under-resourced communities.

Simplicity: We make it easy for businesses, foundations, and individuals to make contributions to support proven, educationally-focused nonprofits with confidence that their philanthropic gifts will achieve maximum impact.

Data Driven: We actively track and transparently report on the impact of philanthropic giving and the work of our nonprofit partners, while monitoring and raising awareness of the latest trends in research and practices in the field of educational equity.

Whole-Child: We support partnerships between educationally-focused nonprofits, children, their families and caregivers and their schools that prioritize whole-child development that ensures all children thrive.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At OnePercent for Education, diversity, equity and inclusion are essential pillars of our mission. We partner with businesses, individuals, foundations and educational nonprofits to address the inequities in educational opportunities for historically marginalized populations. We facilitate support to nonprofits who serve diverse communities to help create a more equitable and inclusive society.