Standards Of Excellence

OnePercent for Education Nonprofit Partners meet the highest Standards of Excellence. Our vetting and selection process for potential Nonprofit Partners involves multiple steps. Prospective partners begin by filling out our online application. This initial screening tool allows us to ascertain the degree to which the organization meets our essential criteria. We then conduct a thorough review of the organization’s programs and services and engage in interviews and site visits where applicable to assess the organization’s impact. For the final step in our vetting process, we share our Standards of Excellence.

Our Standards of Excellence detail specific criteria across 28 metrics for success addressing Nonprofit Governance, Finance, Programs and Administration. In order to qualify for funding and use of our logo, Nonprofit Partners must certify that they meet our Standards of Excellence. Once admitted into our cohort, Nonprofit Partners re-certify every 5 years.


A Note from our Board Chair

With great sadness, we regret to inform you that the Board of Directors has decided to wind down and dissolve OnePercent for Education; and the organization has initiated the dissolution process. One of our primary goals was to galvanize members of the business community who had not participated or had not fully participated in social engagement. Another goal was to engage individuals and families in our work for educational equity.

We continue to believe that there are people who care deeply about the issue and that there are significant financial resources that can be generated to support this movement. Despite our efforts, OnePercent for Education was unsuccessful in generating enough funding to achieve financial sustainability at this difficult time.

Every decision made was through the lens of how we can best bring support for the kids who need it the most. This is the work that our Nonprofit Partners deliver every day and will continue to do. Our Board of Directors will individually continue to promote their efforts and encourage support of their work. As we wind down, we are distributing as much of our remaining assets as possible to our Nonprofit Partners. While each Nonprofit Partner has received modest funding, this is far less than we had hoped, given the importance of their activities.

We urge each of you to support our Nonprofit Partners in the fulfillment of their missions as it so deeply impacts the communities they serve.

Finally, we thank you for your support of OnePercent for Education.