Early Childhood Education

Providing a high-quality education for children before they turn five yields significant benefits over the short-, medium- and long-term. Those benefits impact not only the children and their families, but also their communities, their schools and our nation as a whole.

Children in early childhood education programs are:

  • less likely to repeat a grade
  • less likely to be identified as having special needs
  • more prepared academically for later grades
  • more likely to graduate from high school
  • higher earners in the workforce.

Some of a child’s most important cognitive development happens during their preschool years. When parents and caregivers have access to the resources they need to take an active role in the early childhood education process, they can help ensure that their children have what they need to develop their full potential. Parent and caregiver engagement extends learning outside the classroom, creates a more positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in school.

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